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The Multicultural Marketer is at your service!

Keynotes/Interactive Workshops/Seminars: I specialize in providing an educational experience that is both engaging and fun. All topics under the umbrellas of marketing and diversity are available. My true bread and butter is creatively showcasing the importance for businesses to embrace inclusion of minority populations in their advertising and marketing strategies. With an upbeat and engaging style of speaking, I am able to effectively take on the difficult issues surrounding these social justice issues. All sizes of companies can benefit from educating themselves on the social justice issues that are impacting their bottom-line more frequently than ever. Are you ready to hear what I have to say?W

I talked with Simon after the presentation and Simon really understood what I was going through.

Brandon Ford- Student Attendee

All-Inclusive Pricing: All quotes include travel/lodging/meals. You won’t need to waste time tracking receipts or mileage when you book The Multicultural Marketer. Time is money…and I don’t want you wasting it. Let’s keep it simple!

With a flexible pricing philosophy and multiple presentation format options, I am able to give you exactly what you want…and skip what you don’t need. I am passionate about spreading the word that “Inclusion isn’t Optional”, and will work with you to create value for your hard earned dollar. Bang for your buck!

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