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A Picture Is Worth…

A lot. A company not many have on the tip of their tongues knows exactly how much a picture is worth to those of us finding our place on the gender spectrum. The company giving me the warm and fuzzies for today is named Broadly. This morning Broadly launched a brand-new stock photo library that is packed with pics of trans and non-binary models. Marketers and bloggers have a new resource to go to when they are piecing together campaigns and working on the blog that they hope will go viral and make them a star.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…Inclusion isn’t optional. Minority groups are in desperate need of marketing campaigns and companies willing to show people that resemble them in their advertising. Minority groups no longer WANT to be included. They DEMAND to be included. Broadly Editor in Chief Lindsay Schrupp released a letter to readers in which she introduced the new library, titled “The Gender Spectrum Collection”. With over 180 images currently on the site, Broadly wants to make groups that are typically invisible in advertising become more of a mainstay. She notes that when doing a standard search for images using the word “transgender”, most of the pictures displayed are of the trans pride flag rather than of people.

“Broadly’s Gender Spectrum Collection aims to help media better represent trans and non-binary people who are not necessarily defined by their gender identities, but rather as human beings with careers, relationships, talents, passions, and internal lives-people you see at the office, at school, in your home,” Lindsay Schrupp.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love her more, she ended her letter to her readers with the following quote:

“The transgender community has a prolific history of breaking with society’s mandates in order to live as their authentic selves: it’s time we follow in their footsteps, to boldly break from the status quo and usher in a new paradigm of visibility.” Brb crying.

So bookmark Don’t just use it and forget it. Make it a part of your campaign strategy. Be deliberate in the inclusion that these photos represent. Big shout out and thank you to the folks at Broadly for giving this marketer something to smile about today!

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