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The (NEW) Popular Kid…

You have never seen advertising like you are about to see. Churches across the nation are spending their evening talking to marketers. They are spending the day tomorrow printing out flyers and changing the electronic signs on the church lawn. “Open To ALL”. “Welcoming ALL”. “God Loves ALL”.

The LGBTQ community is about to experience a popularity that far surpasses the fleeting Pride Month of June. LGBTQ folks just became the object of affection of every church that isn’t Methodist. And tomorrow, the day after the United Methodist Church rejected gay marriage and LGBTQ Clergy, churches will become marketers. Bring it on! We need to feel love. We need to feel acceptance. And to all my LGBTQ pals out there…get ready to be the popular kid for awhile. Churches just found a new target audience. A LOYAL new target audience. This is going to be fun.

If you see marketing out there that fits the bill, please send it my way! I would love to see the marketing response to the marginalized LGBTQ population in your communities. Can’t wait!

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