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Ode to Procter and Gamble

Black History Month is drawing to a close soon, and I have had to spend most of it contemplating the mistakes and blatant racism of…well just about everyone. Not today. Today I refuse to be bogged down with the weight of racial inequality being depicted by some of the great brands out there. Today I am turning my focus to the company that does diversity best. Does it loudest. And does it without apology or apprehension. Procter and Gamble has saved me many times. When I need an example of sensitivity to THE black experience in marketing…BOOM…P&G loads me with “The Talk”. When I am looking to put together a banging lecture on the power of the female consumer…ALLEY OOP…I slam dunk it home with the recent Gillette advertisement which had little to do with the males featured and EVERYTHING to do with the women watching. Don’t even get me started on the #WeSeeEqual campaign. Too good. And when I want to find a way to give a dose of diversity on the subject of the LGBTQ community without making it seem like my personal agenda…BUMP, SET…and I spike it down the line with a reference to the #LoveHasNoLabels campaign. I could go on for paragraphs about the impact this company has on the communities it supports so unabashedly…but instead I think I will keep this ode to P&G short and just say. Thank you. Keep fighting for us. We are listening.

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