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Nike Can’t Stop Winning

Let’s keep it real…Nike just keeps winning. They have found the winning formula and are using it repeatedly to their advantage. It is almost not even fair to their competitors…do they even have competitors at this point? Let’s talk about some basic marketing stuff for a second.

It goes kind of like this: A company has a product they want to sell. That company figures out which people might want to buy it. The company comes up with clever ways to entice those people. The company makes money. Marketing 101 type stuff. So how does this rudimentary knowledge of marketing apply to Nike…quite simply actually. Observe…

  1. Nike uses the most controversial sports figure in decades…perhaps ever…and wins over the most loyal of fan-bases. The African American community responds by supporting the company and sales go crazy.
  2. A few months after Colin Kaepernick becomes the trending topic and the only thing we see in our newsfeeds…Nike comes after us again to prove that the Kaepernick campaign was more than just a gimmick. More than just a ploy to get the black community on it’s side. #UntilWeAll Win grabs our attention and makes us take Nike and their newfound social justice activism seriously. I doubt I am the only one that thought “Wow. Nike is doing this campaign and it isn’t even Pride Month or anything.”
  3. About a month later, Nike drops an advertisement that appeals to women and tells them to “show them what crazy can do”. They used Oscar night to go after a predominately female audience that is brand loyal and does the majority of shopping in our country. Gender bias got a big kick in the pants from Nike and the whole world is feeling it. The female dollar is an important dollar. Watching the ad was a religious experience for women across the country. It may very well start a revolution of sorts.

Nike isn’t in this for the short-term profits. They are in this game to win long-term. And they prove that each time they double-down on their social justice platform. This may come as a surprise to you…but Nike is damn good at what they do. They are picking and choosing the most loyal audiences and targeting them in ways that are nearly undeniable. And let’s not forget that all this marketing genius is completely overshadowing the fact that a Nike shoe busted last week and a star basketball player was injured as a result (Get well soon Zion…my bracket depends on you). It literally doesn’t matter. Nike can’t be stopped. Nike blasts into Women’s History Month with a head of steam and women clamoring for their products. I am already wondering what they have on tap for us for Pride Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. Whatever it is, I am certain it will win.

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