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Welp. No More Apologies.

Last night I gave a presentation about the almighty black consumer. Today, the almighty black consumer flexed on ’em. One of my key points of discussion was the embracing of black owned media by the black community…and today Ebony Magazine (whom I referenced in my presentation) made me look like a freaking genius. At 6pm EST Ebony Magazine posted on social media urging their readers to stop accepting apologies and #BUYBLACK. As of today luxury companies such as Burberry, Prada, and Gucci have all stepped on the throats of the black consumer… and during Black History month. Wow. Disregarding the immense buying power of this minority group is going to cost these otherwise untouchable brands.

Let’s get this straight…in the U.S. alone, the black consumer represents roughly 1.2 trillion dollars in purchasing power. And you don’t have to be a rocket scientist (or a decent marketer) to understand that this community spends top dollar on products that represent high status…So what on earth makes companies selling these high-priced goods so blatantly churn out products that demoralize and belittle a group of consumers that are loyal beyond measure? Ignorance. Pure ignorance. Pissing off the group of people that make your luxury items relevant and cool…well…probably the dumbest move ever. No more apologies.

I am sick of having to write blogs about the massive racist marketing disasters that are occurring in the marketplace. Frankly, I was hoping to write a blog tonight celebrating Black History Month with an ode to a company that seems to be getting it RIGHT…but that will have to wait. I am sick of statements issued by a public relations firm that actually had ZERO to do with the offense. I am sick of companies trying to ride out the backlash of the black consumer. You can’t ride us out. We are angry. And when we are angry…your pocketbook is going to feel it. No more apologies. If you are black it might actually be time to consider the power of #BUYBLACK. Lord knows it is about the only power we have left.

Flex on ’em.

Oh…and don’t even get me started on how this makes suicide seem glamorous. Despicable.

Check out what Ebony has to say above.

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