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SB Snooze-Or Was It?

Underwhelming. That is the word that I would use to describe my feelings on the greatest advertising day of the year. The top 20% were great…and everyone else barely showed up. Ugh. But let’s focus for a second on the multicultural aspects of the big show that managed to shine through.

  1. The female consumer was the absolute focal point of the evening for Super Bowl advertisers. I estimate (roughly at this point) that 40% of the big time commercials were meant to turn the ladies’ heads, which is shocking to think could even be possible during a sport that is the poster-child for “maleness.” Backstreet Boys. Mermaids. Fighting kids in the backseat of a minivan. Crooning superstar Michael Buble. Sara Michelle Gellar touting Olay. A female football player killing it in a Toyota. Dudes didn’t care about any of that. They probably got up to “take a leak” or “fill the tank” or whatever other weird things dudes do. Make no mistake women were the real winners on Sunday night.
  2. One of the biggest advertising players in the market did their work before and during the game. Nike. Did you think Nike was absent? Were you waiting for an epic follow-up to that Kaepernick glory? Well you got it…but you might have missed it. Adam Levine took the stage during a highly controversial half-time show that included weeks of people petitioning for him to boycott and concluded with him showing his nipples and numerous tattoos to the television audience. The singing was ok. The theatrics were ok (He is no Gaga but cut him some slack). But the single strongest moment of advertising took place while he shook his groove thing on stage half-naked and wearing…yep…Nike. Throwback Nike high-tops to be exact. Damn Nike knows what they are doing. Oh and let us not forget that Nike dropped a serious campaign for equality a couple of days ago to start Black History Month. I see you Nike. I see you.
  3. The NFL went out of their freaking way to make us forget about Colin Kaepernick. They rolled out black heroes and showed film of the commissioner visiting the murals of MLK in the city of Atlanta with Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter, Bernice King. I am telling you right now…black folks are NOT having it. It was fake and transparent and horrifying. I bet Colin Kaepernick was sitting on a couch with his friends somewhere in shock…because he most certainly isn’t on the freaking football field where his God-given talents should have him. I see you NFL. And so did everyone else. You ain’t fooling anyone except yourselves. Also…to those black heroes that stepped into the light of a dark NFL…I know why you did it, and I commend you. We saw you. I hope the NFL saw you too.
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