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The Holiday Season

My kids have a calendar in their rooms that they mark important “kid holidays” on. Notable entries often include days off school for teacher inservice or days off school for parent-teacher conferences. Really technical and important stuff. Marketers…well we have a different set of holidays we look forward to…and this marketer’s favorite holiday is approaching quickly. It is almost Super Bowl time! That magical time of year when companies duke it out for bragging rights to the most creative and mentioned advertisement on the planet. The whimsical day that gives marketers a glimpse at what the next big social justice movement in marketing is going to be. Will Budweiser remind us of their efforts to can water for hurricane victims? Perhaps the NFL will showcase their commitment to their female fanbase (in an effort to make us forget that they don’t support their black players)? Will P&G remind us that no one speaks to the African American community better than them? Is Nike going to make a statement against walls? Who knows! One thing is for sure…someone is going to stick their neck out there for a minority group or social justice cause. Gillette just struck gold…who will be next?

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