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Gillette Isn’t Worried

Gillette isn’t worried about hurting your feelings, fellas. In fact…I bet they are feeling pretty satisfied if they did. Good marketing isn’t always about appealing to the masses. Good marketing often results from studying current customers, and while they may be concerned with how the fellas out there feel their razor performs tonight in the shower…they are far more concerned with making it on to the shopping list of the women in your life. estimates that nearly 85% of all consumer product purchases in the United States are made by…you guessed it…women. While many of the fellas out there continue to lick their wounds from the sharp message issued by Gillette, hoards of women are hitting retailers with coupons for razors. The ladies are flocking to the personal care aisle to buy razors from a company that really understands their hearts and souls. In the wise words of Beyonce…”Who run the world? GIRLS”. #TheBestMenCanBe

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