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Big League Move

Get on board with diversity or STRIKE OUT! Big League Chew is swinging for the fences with a new package that will include a female softball player on the package. My heart is jumping for the millions of girls that will see a bit of themselves on this package. My brain is rounding third base, however, and wondering what the biggest users of Big League Chew are going to think. Are the fellas ready to embrace digging deep into a pack of shredded gum around their buddies when there is a girl on the package? Time will tell. But for now, I happen to think Big League Chew has hit a home run. If nothing else they are challenging their fanbase to a game of pickle that…Oh nevermind. Enough baseball references already! The female clad package hits stores on February 1st and online orders are being taken now. It is a fun time to be a marketer folks!

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